"..Definitely had a nice boost in my session and created longevity"
- Koa Smith



  • Dual attachments included (Straw cap and sports cap)
  •  BPA Free
  • Floats in the ocean
  •  Recyclable
  • $1 dollar donated to Plasticbank for each purchase

20 minutes

The time it takes for dehydration to negatively impact your performance. If you've been wondering why your last wave isn't as good as your first, its probably because you're dehydrated. Physiologists recommend regular hydration every 20 minutes while engaging in physical activity. 

Fill up the SurfStraw with water, electrolytes, or the beverage of your choice to increase performance. 

10 oz

 The SurfStraw has been specifically designed and patented by surfers for surfers. The biggest focus areas during R&D were Comfort, Durability, and Ease of Use. We believe 10 oz is the perfect volume of water to give you the legendary feeling of having nothing on you. 

This is why SurfStraw fits into any Chest-zip or Zipperless Wetsuit in the market!


Our Partnership with Plasticbank has removed 2,500lbs of plastic from the oceans. 

What our customers think

Koa Smith

Pro Surfer

"Packed the SurfStraw full of electrolytes and hydrated. Definitely had a nice boost in my session and created some longevity. "

Sam Hiraoka

Local Contest Surfer

"Wow, I actually don't feel it on me at all. Pretty amazing! I'm staying hydrated, making my turns a little smoother, feeling a little looser in the water!"

Evan Rosca

Local Surfer

"I think I just leveled up, that was one of my best sessions in a while. I don't know if it was the [SurfStraw] but I'm S