Q: Can the SurfStraw work with back-zip wetsuits?
A: Sort of - We've extensively tested the SurfStraw in back-zip suits by just tucking the bottle into the chest and it definitely does work! However, it's not quite as comfortable compared to chest-zip wetsuits. We recommend using SurfStraw with chest-zip wetsuits for the optimal experience.

Q: Can the SurfStraw work with boardshorts?
A: Yes, toss it into your velcro or zipper pocket or loop the hole at the bottom of the bottle through your key holder
Q: How much water does the bottle hold?
A: 10 fluid ounces or 300 milliliters.

Q: Can I wash my bottle in the dishwasher?
A: Clean your SurfStraw regularly through handwashing only. 

Q: Are SurfStraws recyclable?
A: Yes!

Q: Are SurfStraws shedding microplastics into the ocean?
A: The plastics most prone to shedding microplastics into waterways and oceans are polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyester. With sustainability in mind, SurfStraws instead are manufactured from thermoplastic polyurethane to prevent harmful plastics from polluting our planet.